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Petzl Micro Swivel Open 2016

Kategori Anchor, Petzl
Di lihat 415 kali
Berat(/pcs)0.7 Kg
Harga Rp 1.210.000
Outlet Consina

Compact openable swivel
Compact openable swivel designed for attachment to a locking carabiner, to avoid twisting of lanyards and to allow correct positioning of devices. Its design without bearings allows it to turn freely when not loaded and to stop moving when loaded in order to maintain the devices in position.


Designed for attachment to a locking carabiner:
– attachment point for a locking carabiner This point has a flexible ring that helps maintain the carabiner in the major axis position.
– wide opening for easy, semi-permanent installation on a lanyard or device
Facilitates manipulations:
– avoids twisting of lanyards and allows correct positioning of devices
– turns freely when not loaded and stops moving when loaded in order to maintain the devices in position
– compact, openable assembly reduces bulk and weight of component systems

Material(s): aluminum, plastic
Weight: 75 g
Breaking strength: 23 kN
Certification(s): CE, EAC



Rp 1.600.000
Rp 1.450.000
Rp 1.670.000
Rp 330.000
Rp 149.000
Rp 165.000

Outlet Consina

Outlet Consina
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